Humphrey's Bar & Grill
408 West Juniper
Gillette, Wyoming

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Home of the World Famous Hump Hard T-Shirts  


Once upon a collge exam, a few guys got together drinking beer, eating food and watching reruns on the boob-tube and began thinking of what the heck they were going to do with the rest of their lives. So, realizing what they do best - which is drinking beer, eating food, and watching T.V. - they decided to open a place called Humphrey's. Now the only thing that stood in their way was designing the decor - it ended up being the easiest job, however. After a few garage sales, digging through basements and a couple of junk yards, Humphrey's Bar and Grill was born. So what the heck, we did learn something in school!Humphrey's Bar

Hump Hard Story

A long time ago, in a little purple shack called Humphrey's Bar & Grill, 4 guys sat down after a hard days work. Their little venture was starting to take off. As they sipped their well deserved beers one of the guys said "we really busted our humps today". The 4 looked at each other and a light bulb went on in their heads. Humphrey's = Hump Hard. Life is Short Hump Hard became the slogan the 4 partners lived by. The Hump Hard T-shirt was born or should we say worn. Over the years numerous new slogans were created and here they are for you.

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